Your premier neurological injury recovery and wellness center.

About Us

The recovery process after any injury can be frustrating and confusing. Neurologically injured patients, specifically, once discharged from an outpatient rehab were left with no where to go to be challenged and educated on their physical health. NeuroFit360 was born in 2009 out of Dr. Guy Romain’s frustration; he felt the neurologically injured population was underserved.

NeuroFit360’s mission is to challenge you and push the boundaries of traditional rehab in a way that no other therapy has before. We welcome all abilities with a focus on neurological injuries. Our only requirements during our intensive therapy program are your hard work and commitment. Regardless of the level and severity of your injury, we firmly believe that through the combination of our innovative technology, cutting-edge treatment plans, skilled staff, and your hard work, anything is possible.