The staff at NeuroFit360 is amazing staff, they create a positive environment where they shift the paradigm for neurological recovery, challenging assumptions. Couldn’t be a better fit for the #Alinker. Pushing the boundaries, challenging assumptions, focusing on possibilities... Love these guys!
— Barbara Alink
After being in a wheelchair and constantly hearing “let’s work with what muscles you have,” it’s so refreshing to come to a place where they push the boundaries of what you think you can do. My first day they put me on a bicycle and told me to push and to my surprise, I was able to do it! The staff here only sees what you’re capable of doing, not what you’re doing at the moment. I believe in my heart that they will help me walk again.
— Jazzmin Peluchette, NMO patient
My experience with Guy and the wonderful staff at NeuroFit360 has been exceptional! Everyone is there to teach and support each person with the highest quality of experience and respect. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!
— Heather Stossel