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Neurofit360 logo with the "I" in fit as a human running and "Neurological injury recovery and wellness center" under it.



Dr. Guy Romain supports a client with neurological diversity to stand up.


At NeuroFit360, neurorehabilitation is at the very center of our services. We are the premier rehabilitation center for neurological conditions. Our physical and occupational therapists are well-versed in treating an array of neurological abilities.


When it comes to neurological recovery,  look no further than NeuroFit360.



"The staff at NeuroFit360 are amazing, and they create a positive environment where they shift the paradigm for neurological recovery, challenging assumptions. It couldn’t be a better fit for the #Alinker. Pushing the boundaries, challenging assumptions, focusing on possibilities. Love these guys!"


"After being in a wheelchair and constantly hearing, “let’s work with what muscles you have,” it’s so refreshing to come to a place where they push the boundaries of what you think you can do. On my first day, they put me on a bicycle and told me to push, and to my surprise, I was able to do it! The staff here only sees what you’re capable of doing, not what you’re doing at the moment. I believe in my heart that they will help me walk again."

Jazzmin, NMO client

"Prior to my accident, my physical activity was very demanding and I always sweated a lot. As of two years ago, I didn’t sweat in any of the therapies and activities that I had been doing until I arrived at NeuroFit360 where I sweated a lot again and where they helped me break down barriers and push me beyond the limits that I thought I had now that I am in a wheelchair. Thanks to the entire NeuroFit360 team!"





"My experience with Guy and the wonderful staff at NeuroFit360 has been exceptional! Everyone is there to teach and support each person with the highest experience and respect. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!"


"Neurofit360 changed my life. I was told I would never walk again, but Guy had me standing and riding a bike from my first day at the facility. For the first time since my injury, I felt confident. All of the therapists care about my progress and overall well-being. Not only is everyone professional, but patients are treated with kindness and are motivated to stay strong and work hard. I recommend Neurofit360 to all people who have some form of disability and want to see how hard work pays off. I will be eternally grateful to everyone I have worked with at Neurofit360 because they never let me give up! I would not be where I am now without Guy and his team. With the help of Neurofit360 I am now able to walk assisted - a true miracle!"


"I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional services and support that NeuroFit360 has provided me throughout my recovery journey. The guidance from the therapists and the state-of-the-art equipment have truly contributed to my overall health, fitness, and recovery goals. I am happy to share that I have made significant progress in terms of my strength and endurance since joining your clinic. The personalized one-on-one sessions and the challenging workouts have helped me push my limits and achieve results that I never thought possible."


Staff member supports a client with neurological diversity to stand up with crutch assistance.
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