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NeuroFit360 front desk metal sign in black and white



NeuroFit360 is an outpatient facility and wheelchair-accessible gym that serves as a resource for those who are physically limited in some capacity due to neurological injury. NeuroFit360 prides itself on revolutionary and groundbreaking intense physical therapy methods that aid clients' mobility and recovery over time. NeuroFit360 is the primary referral center for those who have been failed by standard health care or have been told there is nothing else to be done. Learn more about the different teams at NeuroFit360!

Physical therapist supporting a client on an exercise machine
Physical therapist stretching a client on a stretching table
Staff supporting a client through exercise
Physical Therapist Assistant stretching a client on an stretching table.
Staff supporting a client on though basic exercises
Administrative staff scheduling a client at the front desk
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