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At NeuroFit360, neurorehabilitation is at the very center of our services. We are the premier neurological rehabilitation center for neurological conditions. Our physical and occupational therapists are well-versed in treating an array of neurological abilities.

A client kneels in front of a large cube mat


The initial evaluation is a one-hour session performed by an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Occupational Therapy. During this session, a therapist will discuss your condition(s), level of function, and the symptoms related to your injuries. After reviewing medical records and taking measurements, you will be provided with a treatment plan. Frequency and duration of treatment varies for each client.

  • One hour session goals

  • Develop Treatment

  • Develop Treatment plan

All clients are required to provide a prescription for Intense Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy, to have results of a Central DEXA Bone Density test, and to complete our New Client Application in order to schedule the initial evaluation.



Our intense Physical Therapy sessions are dynamic and tailored to address the client’s specific needs and challenges. During the sessions, clients work with a DPT or PTA on stretching & flexibility, balance & coordination, gait training, and other treatments designed to maximize recovery goals. Sessions may include the use of Robotics like the Lokomat, Exoskeleton, or FES Bike.

  • One hour session

  • Focused on treatment goals

  • Moving clients towards independence and neuro recovery

$175 per hour

A client works with two staff to complete an exercise challenge


Our intense Occupational Therapy sessions focus on enhancing skills to restore, promote and support client’s active involvement in activities of daily living, desired roles, contexts, environments, and life situations. Integrating creative and evidence-based practice to contribute to overall client health and well-being, we utilize various modes of intervention such as education, strengthening, and adaptations to support clients becoming more independent, efficient, and effective. 

  • One hour session

  • Focused on treatment goals

  • Moving client towards independence and neuro recovery

$175 per hour


The adaptive fitness program is available to clients who desire additional time in the gym outside their therapy sessions. For a monthly fee, we provide unlimited access to the clinic during hours of operation. This service is different from regular therapy sessions because staff is not available to support clients. Those who sign up for our adaptive fitness program must be able to use the wheelchair accessible gym equipment independently.​


Client with neurological injuries in their legs uses  a walker to walk around the gym


Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Bicycle

Unlimited use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Bicycles (FES)

$175 per hour

Unlimited use of  Hocoma Lokomat

$175 per hour

Hocoma Lokomat

Unlimited use of  Ekso Bionics

$175 per hour

Ekso Bionics
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